The value of our customers is paramount and any step needed to protect customer and their interests is of prime importance to us. Having communicated this across sections in the company and clients, we have a globally lauded process that upholds privacy and protects consumer values and data. Since this is the very best importance within the order of business values, we’ve created an in depth privacy policy that strives to hide every tiny aspect of customer privacy during their journey.

Protecting Children Rights

There is a reason why we place this on the top of the list. Audience below 13 years is a sensitive group and that feels more responsible than ever to protect child rights. None of our content is directed to children below 13 years. In case, we study content or any sort of information that’s not suitable to the said audience, we promptly remove the knowledge and therefore the user account from the site.

Data Protection

With the General Data Protection Regulation implemented, our company is one of the first in the business to have complied with the regulations. As a corporation and a responsible influencer of the worldwide and regional economies though during a miniscule way, we has stood aside from the remainder within the business in living up to the regulations implemented in the best interest of the customer.

While following the law of the land to protect user data is one, we has, in its own capacity, taken steps to protect user data. As you read this, it is highly recommended that you read these policies and know what it means to do business with us.

Information Collection

Business today revolves around data and it’s become imperative for each business that thrives on the digital platform to believe data. As a result, we collect some information that is prudent for business. We ask for name, email, phone number, company, designation, and contact details. While these information are sought for an effective business experience, we promises to make use of these details responsibly and only on a need basis.

On the opposite hand, we also use cookies to collect data of a user who visit the website. However, the user is flagged off about an equivalent whenever he/she visits the web site through a disclaimer. We recommend that the user read the cookies policy before continuing their experience on the web site .

Besides this, we also gather generic data from the user’s IP address to understand their geographical location, website traffic and more which may help in bettering our efforts in marketing and other processes. We don’t acquire any personal information during this process.

Updates and Changes

Any data update on the user profile is strictly made on user request. Information provided by that is based on extensive research and our analysts use proven and tested methods to provide data. On the other hand, content on the web site is that the results of logical and prudent research. However, to err is human. We do not warrant that all content published on the website in any form, and the research report provided is free of errors. We, of course, strive to provide the best quality information, and will always continue to do so.

Contacting Us

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